I’m heading to Idaho!

One of the great things about doing more judging is the chance to see new places, see new bands, and meet new people. Last year I started judging marching bands with the USSBA in addition to the shows I normally do here in the Midwest. Turned out to be a great fit, did a few shows in New Jersey, and it was a ton of fun.

I think the most notable difference is the merger of the two effect judges into one overall effect judge. Aside from saving the host bands a little money in judging fees, it does make sense. It’s pretty hard to create a strong musical effect without any visual component (and vice versa). Not impossible, but not common. Effect is lots of fun to do. You get to be a little bit of a spectator. Your job is to react, take it all in, and share your observations.

Never been to Idaho, but I’m really looking forward to it. Really looking forward to seeing what’s happening out there. Now it’s time for some quality flight reading time.